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Kitchen supplies store is a few enthusiastic Founded in 2002, those are the times when people still tend to buy products brick and mortar store, rather than buy online. However, we have decided to create an online store, we are pleased to welcome you here in our online kitchen supply store. Yes, we agree, selling food and kitchen equipment is a tricky thing, but we have huge experience that will convince you to choose our company grounds.

We specialize in all kinds of kitchen supplies, including the goods for the food service and catering business. Each high requirements of the enterprise, but the secret of success lies in the choice between the right business strategy and reliable suppliers. With our customer care was, and still is the main objective of our company, it will remain unchanged until the end of the day. There is, customer care service, so that 90% of the consensus reputation, we think this is a business truth. That is why we are proud to tell you that you can always rely on our wonderful support system, providing the weather service.

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3 Cannister Slush Machine 3 × 12 Litre c..
£1,200.00 £1,300.00
NEW/// Twin Cannister Slush Machine 2 × ..
£1,150.00 £1,250.00
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