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32" gas Conveyor Pizza Oven

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The product is perfectly timed so the end result is consistent every time. Variable speed control. Keeps foods from drying out. Forced air cooking forms a membrane around food, which helps it cook faster while retaining moisture. Stackable for use in different applications.

For example, one for pizza and one for sandwiches. Great for pizza shops and foodservice outlets that cook a lot of the same item.


Easy to operate such conveyor oven
Description : Gas Convection Pizza Oven
 Convection heat transfer, high efficiency, even-cooking.
Digital display of conveyor speed. Easy to adjust as per requirement
Rotating direction can be adjusted.
High Efficiency Big Capacity Convection Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven, Electric Pizza Oven, Gas Pizza Oven For Fast Food Restaurant 
High quality heating elements, heating fast, energy saving.

Name 32" Conveyor Pizza Oven
Power 0.1 Kw
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Heat Flux 24KW/H

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